Grown Ups

12 thoughts on “Grown Ups

  1. Great comic, Skar!

    1. Thank you, mate. It just struck me while playing with my son on the swings 🙂

  2. If this kind of thing didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have comic writers.

    1. Comic writers are just children in adult bodies 😛

  3. I for one am not afraid to show my juvenile side and play on the play ground!

    1. Don’t worry, you are not alone. I really love to play on the playground. But I must admit, before my son was born… I never went to a playground and mingle between the kids to go down the slides 🙂
      A couple of weeks ago, we went to an indoor playground with my son and I really had a blast ^^

  4. I tried jumping off the swings last year like I did as a kid. I got kind of scared!!

    1. So did you jump and got scared afterwards? Or didn’t dare to jump?

  5. Wonderful! 😀

    1. Thanks Chris, I’m really happy with the end result myself as well. Although I was ‘worried’ that the comic wasn’t that funny. It has more character building in it and not so much a deep die hard joke.

  6. (Btw, Bearman, I’m with you; the ground seems a whole lot farther away these days…)

  7. Never stop playing.
    I love going to the park with my kids and swing by them, though my girth doesn’t allow for too many trips down the slide. I’m with Bearman though, that thrill you had jumping from the swings as a kid is replaced by the fear of how much that doctor visit is going to cost next week if you land wrong. 🙂

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