Guest strip by Frank

Sometimes I just can't believe how supportive and awesome this (web)comic community is. It's really unbelievable. Yesterday I went home feeling sick, so today I stayed at home with - what I think is - the flu. So I send out a tweet telling you guys I wasn't able to create a Mojo comic. A little later I tweeted that this was an opportunity for a guest strip and immediately Frank Jordan (of the awesome webcomic CompanyManComic) replied that he was already working on a guest strip. It's so amazing that there are such nice people out there. And I think it's about time for me to start returning the favor. When I feel better I will go and make a guest strip every month. Yes, you heard me. I will create a guest strip once every month for a different comic. And it might be even your comic! And maybe I should (also) work on a buffer for my own comic. Whenever life gets in the way, you guys shouldn't be bothered. Mojo should always be updated. But thanks to Frank Jordan we have an update today. People, all please let Frank know how awesome he is in the comments. And of course pay his comic a visit, bookmark it:

5 thoughts on “Guest strip by Frank

  1. I love the jingling keys, funny stuff! 🙂

  2. You know Frank? This is a small world..haha

  3. I enjoy Franks regular strip, great to see him here as well.

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