Guest Strip By Rolfe

Today it's my birthday. And as a gift I received some fanart (which I will show tomorrow)... but also this awesome guest strip! ROLFE is the creator of the awesome webcomic Mighty Monocle. It's a webcomic about an American superhero living in the UK. It's funny and I'm a big fan of his style... it's clearly inspired by the great Quentin Blake. And it's - for me - the first webcomic version in that style. Check below for a behind-the-scenes look on the writing proces for this guest strip:

6 thoughts on “Guest Strip By Rolfe

  1. Did you have to show my messy scribbles!

    NOTE: If there is an empty seat next to me on the train you will probably get covered in paper or ink! I devour table space.

    Happy Birthday, Oskar.

    Glad you liked it.



    1. LOL @ Groetjes (which means ‘Greeting or Cheers’ in Dutch)…

      And too bad my train ride only take less than 15 minutes… so not enough time to cover people in paper or ink 🙂

      Thanks for this awesome birthday gift, mate!

  2. Birthday?! Happy Birthday! Great job on the Guest strip Rolf.

  3. Happy Birthday, Skar. Thirty-onederful years old! Great job on your guest strip Rolfe, I love how you drew Mojo and Ben. Good stuff!

  4. Thanks Jared and Mark. I had a lot of fun drawing them.


  5. That is cool. Great Strip Rolfe!

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