Gueststrip by Dawn

For Dawn her wedding I created a gueststrip for her webcomic Zorphbert and Fred. And now she has created this gueststrip for me. It's awesome. Didn't know Mojo could be drawn like this and why do people keep asking where Mojo's feet are?!! Really love how Mojo is reading the newspaper while doing his business... it looks so relaxed. Maybe I should do my business also on the litter box :) --- Since I (Skar) just became a fresh new dad, I asked a few of my friends and fellow cartoonists if they could create some guest strips, so I could spend soms time with my new born baby. I am really impressed by all the time and effort that people put into creating the gueststrips. Thank you all so much for these gueststrips, so I can have a minor break and spend some time with my wife and kid. And I will find a way to return the favor in some way.

One thought on “Gueststrip by Dawn

  1. This was a fun guest strip to do. Thanks for the opportunity! I love drawing leg-lass animals. LOL

    Nice new site design as well!

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