Gueststrip By Don

My friend and co-webcomic artist Don heard about my vacation and dropped this guest strip in my mailbox before I knew it. Really can't say how much I love it. Love his linework and think the joke is really awesome! Also, don't forget to check out Don's own webcomic: Road Apples Almanac The stupid thing is that Don is actually busy himself as well. He just moved and switched jobs, so a while ago he asked for guest strips himself. I promised him to make one, but got swamped myself and totally screwed up and never made one. So Don, I still owe you a guest strip (or maybe even two, since you made this beauty!) And check out the additional sketches Don send with the webcomic... showing how he made it. Awesome not?!

2 thoughts on “Gueststrip By Don

  1. Great strip, Don! The expression on Merv’s face in panel two is priceless 🙂

  2. Love the guest comic and I like seeing the behind-the-scenes for it too. Good work all around!

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