Gueststrip By John Sutton

The last couple of weeks have been pretty rough. Lots of ups and downs, mostly in the family area. And due to all these ups and downs, I didn't had a comic prepared for today. But luckily I recieved an email from John Sutton (of the webcomic The Petri Dish) with this beauty in it. I really love how the characters are drawn.

So thank you a lot, John. Your gueststrip came just at the right moment. And good luck with your comic.

7 thoughts on “Gueststrip By John Sutton

  1. Great job John. I will have to try that concoction.

    1. He he he ^^

  2. Breakfast of Champions!

  3. Nice. How does this guest strip thing work? Do people just send in the strips randomly to cartoonists or are they invited to do it?

    1. Often gueststrips are when the author asks for them (due to vacation, hiatus, family problems etc). But John just send me this piece and it just came at the right moment.
      Usually I will save the gueststrip for a little later – for when I really need one. But feel free to send me a gueststrip or fanart. You can contact me at skar[at]mojocomic[dot]com

  4. I would eat that cereal. Then go to the hospital. 🙂

    1. Mmmmm… mini donuts… mmm

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