Gueststrip By Kaitou

Yep, I'm still sick. And because I (still) don't have a buffer, tomorrows comic was compromised. But after a distress call on Twitter, I quickly received a guest strip from Kaitou. But because this guest strip is based on Aprils Fools... I need to publish the comic today (Sunday), instead of the regular Monday. Well, Kaitou... thanks so much. This guest strip gave me some peace - next Wednesday the comic will be from my hand again ^^

6 thoughts on “Gueststrip By Kaitou

  1. Glad I could be of help.

    1. I love to receive guest strips… but I don’t want to ask for them that often…
      Really awesome that you could create this one on such short notice! Thanks mate!

  2. I hope you get well soon, Skar! Great guest comic!

    1. It’s a great guest strip, not? And I’m all better now… only still some minor coffing 🙁

  3. Heh, I was already starting to think that you’re going to a new extreme in your process of reinventing Ben. Only then I noticed it’s a guest comic because you’re sick. Get well!

    1. No… I’m not going that extreme in my redesign process 🙂

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