Just a few short notes: - I've got my buffer for my vacation almost finished. So when I'm gone for 2 weeks, you all can still enjoy your bi-weekly Mojo comics. - Last weekend I got interviewed by the nice guys over at Comics Coast to Coast. The whole gang was there to join the interview and we really had a great talk. I will drop a note the moment it got published - This makes me think, did I mention the TWXXD-podcast I was on a couple of weeks ago? If not: listen to it here - And last but not least: I'm working (FINALLY) on a redesign of the website. Want it to be more clean, more basic, easier to navigate and will try to honor all your remarks you gave in the survey. The redesign will probably go live somewhere in July due to the fact that I still have to actually create it and my vacation ^^

8 thoughts on “Handicap

  1. Poor Ben he just can’t win! I guess that’s why the comic isn’t named Ben! 🙂

    1. Hahahaha… indeed. We to be honest, I once thought I wanted to name the comic ‘Ben and Mojo’ (or ‘Mojo and Ben’) – glad I didn’t 🙂

  2. He totally needs one of those mindreading techno helmets that let you think commands at the computer. That, or voice commands.

    1. Oooeeeh yeah. That would be awesome to have. And gives me an idea for a comic tbh 😛

  3. Better get used to playing “the waiting game” instead of Diablo 3 😉

    1. Well… maybe they can come up with a great way to work around the problem 😛

  4. Love it! Got a few colleagues who might actually be thinking about going down that road. They’re starting to look pretty sleepy at 9 in the morning!

    1. Hahaha. I know how they feel – but I wouldn’t dive from a cliff to be able to stay at home ^^

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