Did something completely different this time. The linework I did more loose / quick. It was more fun and the inking-part was over before I knew it. For some parts is was kinda weird to ink that way, but for the most parts it was way more fun to do. And I like how it turned out in the end. The colors I also experimented some more with the watercolor style. I like it, but it was more work than usual and it's not quite what I had in mind. So expect some more experiments to come. On an other note; the due date for the baby is getting closer and closer. Only a few weeks now until the expected due date, but it can even be earlier. So if you want to help me out and create a guest strip... there is no better time than to start now. Check this post for more details about the guest strips. And please please don't hesitate, it's for a good cause and you'd really give me some more time with my new born child.

3 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. I think the plant is cheating!

  2. Something funny about a milk carton dropping the F-bomb.

  3. I really like this style!

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