Honey We Re Home

7 thoughts on “Honey We Re Home

  1. I enjoyed the super sized edition of “Mojo”. Great final panel 🙂

    1. I’m wondering what you viewed as ‘super sized’ – todays comic is almost the same size as normal, maybe a little bit heighter 😛
      And thanks, really loved the smashes look on ‘the book guy’ 🙂

  2. Take that you silly book. Nice little story line.

    1. Personally I’m happy this story line is finished. Felt like I stayed too long at it, not? I looked back and started this story arc almost 2 months ago 😛
      Really wonder what you guys think of the duration of the arc.

  3. Yay, air time for the evil milk, at last. 😀
    I don’t mind an arc to last a few months, if the jokes are good. Also I don’t mind intermissions, unrelated to the arc. Good to have you back on your feet and ready to comment away. 🙂

    1. Looks like the evil Milk carton has some fans ^^
      I find it hard to have intermissions, unrelated to the arc… so that’s why I’m glad I brought the guys back home – so now I can do some loose jokes again … until a new arc comes up 😛

  4. The book had it coming to him!

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