I don't know if you guys noticed, but a new game has been release recently... and it's called Diablo 3. I wasn't really paying attention to it, I was more looking forward to play another third sequel, Max Payne 3. But after I started to play Max Payne 3, I kinda had trouble getting into the game. I had to get used to the controls, it reminded me too much of other games (GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption) and somehow it didn't gave me the satisfaction playing it, as I had pictured in the months before the release. So I decided to give Diablo 3 a try. Luckily my brother had a key for me, so I could check out the Starter Edition. That's just the full game, but only the first Act. So you can really experience the game like it is, but at some point you can't continue playing - unless you purchase the game of course. And now, I've only played Diablo 3 for maybe 3-4 hours total, I'm hooked. I really can't wait to fire up the game again, to explore more of the world, slash more monsters and other evil creatures. And Max Payne 3 is still in my Xbox360. Yes, that's another unique thing... Diablo 3 is a PC-only game... so I left my Xbox360 and are now back gaming at the PC again. Feels pretty good to be honest. It almost felt like coming home. So, for all you guys who want to know if they should check out Diablo 3... yes, do so. It's really awesome!

16 thoughts on “Housebound

  1. Ack! Don’t tempt me! lol Just today I (accidently watched the official trailer for Diablo III and felt it drawing me in. *gasp*

    Love the cartoon. Wonder where he’ll find a used cast. Craigslist? ;`)

    1. Well… if you don’t want to be tempted, you definitly should not watch this awesome animation:

      And we’ll see if he needs a used cast or how the story develops 😉

      1. I guess everyone needs just a little temptation once in a while. That was an awesome animation. Thanks! (Still not going to play games until I have AFF Vol. 1 complete though. ) :`)

        1. I wasn’t really tempted to buy Diablo 3, but after watching this animation I could barely hold myself 🙂
          And what is AFF Vol. 1?

  2. Good one, Skar 🙂

    1. Thank you, Tim. Glad you guys enjoy the comic. Especially since it’s about something which keeps me occupied 😛

  3. Get the hammer.

    1. Hahaha… or maybe let’s hoist the piano 😛

  4. Lol! I hate calling off most times! This guy went for the jugular lol..

    1. Well… calling off often means you are sick – so yeah, most of the times that sucks 😀

  5. YOU WILL NOT TEMPT ME…ok, maybe you did a little.

    1. Uhm… Diablo 3 is really a great game – so don’t feel bad you are tempted 😉

  6. Heh, man, I know so many people addicted to that game! Somehow this year I have managed to beat my videogame addiction, but yeah. I can definitely relate.

    1. I sometimes can manage to not play video games for a few weeks, especially when I’m busy drawing. But sometimes a game comes along and I just can’t hold myself. It’s getting better though… a few years ago I bought 2-3-4 games every month 😀

  7. This is TOO funny, one of my work buddies called in sick, but got BUSTED when his girlfriend put a status update on facebook about what he was doing on his sick day, see


    1. Hahahaha. That’s so awesome! I can imagine calling in sick for a game, I have done that also when I was a little younger (and didn’t have a family to support). But how sad is it when your girlfriend rats you out 😛

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