The idea for this comic was floating in my head for years. Every time I was considering to get back to creating the comic, I somehow knew this would be the joke I would draw. And last Tuesday, while drawing with my daughter (2,5 years old) I suddenly had the base for the comic drawn. In the end I completely redrawed it, twice. One time because I tweaked and  changed the joke. And the second time because after inking I rediscovered my awesome Frenden brushes - so I needed to redraw it all over again. And the coloring was something I totally got myself lost into. I wanted to add some colors and in the end I was staying up until 1:30 AM because I was trying stuff and adjusting colors, tones, hues and stuff. And yes, it has been a while... but from now on I will post a new Mojo every Monday again. And last, but not least... A big shout out to my editor, Brian. Without his help this comic wouldn't have been this great.

2 thoughts on “Hypothetical

  1. Woo Hoo! Welcome back to the land of…, well, whatever this land is that has been missing your comic.

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome, mate. I really missed the land of … ^^

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