8 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. It’s hard to meet and greet someone when you don’t even look up to see or hear them! Ames looks like an interesting new character!

    1. The future will reveal how Ames will turn out. I don’t know him that well yet. But I’m sure he will be trying to be interesting – in his own ways 🙂

  2. The mysterious person is here. It will be interesting to see how he gets along with everyone.

    1. It’s nice people join me in being curious about how Ames will turn out. I hope he turns out to be an interesting character 😉

  3. Well so we see the Mystery person, can’t wait to find out who he is? So who is he again? 🙂

    I think my kid’s have that attention span when the video games are on. Tunnel vision and selective hearing.

    1. Hahaha. Maybe you should have dropped the controller when you read the strip.
      The advantage you have is that you can reread the introduction of Ames… Mojo or Merv can’t 😀

  4. Ames looks like he’s not from around these parts. Tho he is surprisingly OK with a cat and a penguin playing video games in the living room.

    1. It’s sweet you noticed him not being from around these parts… funny that it already shows… the future will reveal more about Ames and his background.

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