It does pok

It's not always that while working on my comic I have to laugh. But while working on this one, I had to laugh multiple times when I saw the final panel. Ghe ghe ghe. Just imagining the sound made me chuckle ^^

8 thoughts on “It does pok

  1. I’d “call” this one funny myself! 🙂

    1. Thanks Tim. It was a joke I had in my mind for a long time already and glad you guys enjoy it just as much ^^

  2. At least we know you are not “phoning in” you r comic

    1. Well, I do throw the comics online ^^

  3. Yeah, very funny Skar. Good setup, I didn’t see the punchline coming. Oh! And I love the “night time” color theory. -v

    1. Thank you Vince. I was really worried the punchline was too obvious. But maybe that’s the downside of being the creator, not knowing anymore if it’s obvious or a surprise 😛

      And I really loved how the night sky turned out. Thanks.

  4. LOL! I almost did a spit take when I got to that last panel! LOVE IT! =oD

    1. Thanks Denver. I was laughing out loud while creating it also. It sounds weird, but I really was. Whenever I had to work on that last panel, I laughed. And every time my wife looked up from her book and I had to explain that it was (again) my own comic that made me laugh ^^

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