Looking Cool

And I'm back. Kinda. This comic I drew before my son was born, so my friend Mathijs could color it. He recently finished his coloring (after some delay due to computer crashes) and so now this is the last 'guest'-strip. I've been working on my drawing methods lately. The next couple of comics I will experiment some more. Stepping away from the full-color and doing some 'duo-tone' coloring and also the linework will be different. Just like I drew the squirrel, I'm now trying the Pental Brush Pen out... and also some digital drawing. So stick with me and let me know what you like and dislike, when I have some other style or experiment :D Also still wanting to do some kind of survey, so I can get to know my audience and know what you enjoy most. The most important thing is - of course - that I enjoy creating it... but I also want you guys to enjoy the updates :) So stay tuned for the survey. I hope to have it finished the end of this week.

3 thoughts on “Looking Cool

  1. The new coloring looks great 🙂
    Funny gag too ^^

  2. Merv wears glasses! I thought he just had square eyes…lol.

  3. @Tomps: well, it’s not my coloring. But I’ll forward the compliment about the coloring 😉

    @CJ: yep. Merv origionally wears glasses. The first comics it was more obvious: http://www.mojocomic.com/2010/07/12/room-for-rent/ 😉

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