I'm soooo happy how this comic turned out. And the thing is... this is another writers-block child. I had all sorts of ideas for the comic, but I never really found the right *click*. So in the end I decided I would go with just one of the ideas, just because the deadline was looming. But I started to sketch and still didn't felt right about the comic I was about to make. So I decided to just think for a few minutes longer... and then this beauty popped into my head. And I can't be more happy about that... really love every single bit of it. Hope you guys do too! On another note: next Sunday it's comic number 200 already! And I have something special for you scheduled - not the comic, but something different. And don't forget to comment, because you could become this months winner of the Monthly Sketch Giveaway. And if you already have won the Giveaway, also comment. Because I'm planning on rewarding top commenters also later this year! And I just love to hear from you guys ... that way I know people like my comic and I'm not creating it only for myself ^^

12 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. Wow! You’re braver than me! (second panel reference) Great work!

    1. I guess you are referring to the use of ‘oh my god’? Well… for me that’s not as big as a challenge to be honest. And it’s not that I’m cursing, am I?

      1. Biblically speaking. This is not what using God’s name in vein even means. I prefer “Hay dios mio” (EYE dee-ohs mee-oh) personally. It sounds cooler in Spanish.

  2. Absolutely wonderful. I love this one.

    1. Glad you like it. I’m also really really pleased with how it all worked out ^^

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I adore Mojo’s look in the first panel, I absolutely enjoy the open second panel, and the joke.. well.. tehe! ^^

      Sunday, you say? Darn, I won’t have time to check the page… nooooooo…

      1. Mate, don’t worry. The thing I will post Sunday will stay for a while… so don’t worry, you won’t miss out.
        And glad to hear you enjoy all the panels just as much as I did while creating them 🙂

  3. I don’t get it. *sigh*

  4. Love poop humor! The best “browned” logo that I’ve ever seen is the Riddler’s question mark. Dotted perfectly!

    1. My wife pointed out that I felt back to the poop joke again… but I didn’t even do it on purpose… just made me laugh ^^

  5. I also have to say that second panel turned out really well!

    1. Let me tell you… at first it was just Mojo and a bunch of ‘ohmygod’ following him. Really always love that effect. But then I started to stack them and loved that idea. So eventually I just wrote the whole background full with it and think it really worked out perfectly 😀

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