Moms On Facebook

Wow. It's already number 150? Time flies when you're having fun. Damn. Maybe it's about time I start on a book? With a collection of all the comics? Or maybe with only the highlights? Don't know. I also still want to update the website... so yeah... I have to find the time to do it all ;) I want to thank you guys all for visiting every week. Without you - my audience - it would have been so much harder to keep this thing going :D

5 thoughts on “Moms On Facebook

  1. I just hangout on Twitter.

  2. Avoidance issues, maybe? Well, we certainly can’t avoid your 150 strips! Good job, Skar!

  3. Haha, looks great Skar! Congrats on 150! Now get going on the next 150 😉

  4. Wow 150!! That is Awesome. A very impressive number. Looking forward to many more.

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