And I'm back. After 2,5 months of having a break - which felt like even longer - I decided I should just dive back into creating the comic. I was still trying to redefine the characters, deciding where to go with the comic, started working on the book, but finished nothing. So eventually the most logical step was to just start creating comics. And I must be honest: the amount of fun I had the first evening was not much. I had to figure out all my tools and settings again. Luckily I can still draw the guys, but I lost the routine. I think for the following period I will probably only update once a week. Just to have some time to ease back in, in the comic world. And I'm glad to be back, I really missed you guys!

12 thoughts on “Nasty

  1. Welcome back! Stinky Mojo…

    1. Thanks, glad to see a lot of the readers are still here.

  2. about time!!

    1. Yeah yeah, wasn’t my best decision – I know. But good to see people missed the comic ^^

  3. Yeah baby! Stinky stuff 🙂 WB.

    1. Thanks. You also welcome back ^^

  4. Now I see where Mojo has been! 🙂

    1. Ghe ghe ghe… yep, he sat there for the last 2 months ^^

  5. Welcome back!

  6. Now I know why I’ve been feeling off for the last couple of months.

    Welcome back.

  7. Ha! Potty humor NEVER gets old

  8. One time I went in a public restroom, It smelled SO BAD! I could barely stand it, but I had to go so I was cleaning the seat with wet paper towels and started to dry it off and such when another guy walks in and says, “Man! What did you eat?! That’s NASTY!” I was like, “It wasn’t me! I just got here!” But he didn’t believe me and he walked out.

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