For this comic I did a couple of things differently again. Yep, I just keep on changing things ... but luckily I'm allowed to do that, since I'm the author ^^ But this time I drew on twice the size than usual. Since a while I draw all digital and this time I doubled the size to 7800 x 5220 px. This gave me more options to draw the smaller things with more quality. I also added some backgrounds. I received some feedback recently from some other cartoonists and they suggested I should add some backgrounds to give some more depth / context. And I really like how it all feels, but I still have a long way to go with my backgrounds. I also - and this probably nobody will even notice - hand-lettered again. I love the personal touch you have when your comic is hand-lettered. But since I previously used a font based on my hand lettering, the difference is almost none. You might notice if you zoom in on some of the letters and compare them ^^

10 thoughts on “Normal

  1. That could have gone…better 😉

    1. Ghe ghe ghe ^^
      Yep… don’t think any of the guys expected this outcome 😛

  2. You have beautiful penmanship

    1. You are too kind, mister Bearman 🙂

  3. Hey Skar! I think this turned out great!The backgrounds work, the gag works…very nice, all around. -v

    1. Thanks Vince. I’m really pleased with how it turned out myself as well… and also how well it’s received. People really like it… probably because of the cute x-mas tree ^^

  4. Hi Skar! The lettering worked out perfectly. And trust me, I do the same when it comes to the size of the panels. I draw it really big so that the lines are smoother.

    1. Thanks Sareen. The thing is that the font I used before was based on my hand lettering. So if you’d compare the lettering in todays comic with the previous comics, I doubt if you see any difference. But I hope you could feel difference 😛

  5. Doubled the size or even quadrupled it? 🙂 This should also give more wiggle room for potential prints.

    Mojo Mohawk Madness in panel 4, love it 😀

    1. I doubled the width… usually I drew in 3900px width.
      And the prints were one of the reasons why I wanted to draw bigger.

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