Phone Call

This is the first comic I've edited on my new MacBook Pro - and it went all smoothly. Maybe even quicker than on my Windows PC. I'm really happy with how Ben turned out in this comic. Usually I really don't like drawing him, but with this comic I really enjoyed it and I hope it shows. Don't forget! You can still help me out by creating an(other) guest strip. I still have 1,5 months to get my buffer filled, for when the baby is due. So don't be shy, help me out!

3 thoughts on “Phone Call

  1. This sounds like a phone call from my mom!
    (really like Ben in the …2nd..panel.)

  2. Ben’s expression in the last panel was captured perfectly. Good job.

  3. @Tyler: my mom luckily doesn’t call me to check on how well I’m insured and stuff.
    @CJ: thanks 🙂 – I’m glad how he turned out in comic

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