Playing Together

I recently played Diablo 3 with a friend and it was really awesome. We were still playing the first Act, so monsters weren't that difficult yet - so it was more just fun talking and bashing monsters. But I guess that further in the game, the difficulty gets higher and you really will have to work together as a team. Really looking forward to that.

6 thoughts on “Playing Together

  1. Looks like Mojo (the Cat, du’h) is double fisting it!

  2. This is a Friday night ritual for me and two of my friends. Very fun. I like your take on the monk!

  3. Listening to the Comics Coast to Coast interview right now. This is some awesome stuff! RAWK!

  4. I don’t think they understand the concept of co op…

  5. LOL! I saw the first panel and thought “That’s Ben, is it not? How the heck did he figure out to play with that broken arm?”

    And now I’ll pretend that Mojo is using the keyboards with his feet. Because he’s so awesome. 😀

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