Rainy love

5 thoughts on “Rainy love

  1. I’m exactly the same way.

    1. In what? Forgetting your keys or enjoying this time of year? ^^

      I like this time of year a lot… spending inside all day playing games is awesome!

  2. Small correction: First panel, Mojo’s bubble, 2nd sentence: IT’S -> IT

    And personally I prefer a season where there is still sunlight when I get home from work. 😉

    1. (thanks for the correction)
      And I always enjoy the other season… when it’s winter, I look forward to the spring and summer. And when it’s summer, I look forward to the dark winter evenings ^^

      1. Fair enough, I’m really glad to live in an area that has seasons like we do. And I’m already mighty looking forward to mullet wine. 😀

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