Last weekend I visited a comic convention here in the Netherlands (yep, that's where I'm located) called the Stripdagen (roughly translated: ComicDays). It was my first time to this convention, actually, it was my first time to any comic convention. And I was kinda disappointed. I expected to see lots more work exposed. I went there to be inspired, to get introduced with new comics, comic books I never saw. But I noticed the convention was more oriented for collectors and fans. There were artists there who drew sketches and signed books, there were lots of stands where people could add the missing part to their collection. But we - me and my friend Peter - are both very visual oriented. So we often like a comic based on the looks. If it looks too realistic, we are not interested, the same if a comic is too cartoony or whatever. It's very personal and it's very hard to describe what we like or not. So therefor we wanted to see more work exposed. We loved it if a stand had their books exposed and all layed out for us to view at least the covers. But often they just had boxes filled with comics and books, so you had to flip through them to see what they offered. And that was kinda disappointing. In the end I just bought a couple books where I loved the art and one big pile of 20-30 used books, for just 10 bucks. Just so I at least I will be introduced to some new work - but I doubt if I really enjoy the most of the huge pile :P Ok. Mojo related. The plan for this week is to drop a survey for you guys, so I can get to know you all a little better. I have a lot questions I want to ask you guys... I now only have to organise them, so you can answer them. And of course... I have some rewards waiting, so your effort will be worth it :D

4 thoughts on “Recognition

  1. Very nice layout on this one, Skar. Fun to look at and fun to read, my kind of comic!

    1. Thanks Tim, it’s very nice to hear that. Can you maybe share what in particular makes it fun to look at? Still trying to improve 🙂

      1. I was just referring to the clever design of the panels: how it works it’s way from left to right, giving the feeling of deja vu. When an cartoonist takes the time to incorporate a design element into their work, it takes it to a deeper level for me. I just liked the flow of this one!:)

  2. It’s like an episode of Deja Vu Hunters!

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