72 comics and this is the first without any text. I did one once with very little text... but still :) Lately I'm very busy with a lot drawing things. I've created a guest strip for Zorphbert and Fred, but it's scheduled to go live beginning of December. I'll drop a note when it's there. And I'm also working to create a submission for the Cookbook Project. This project features about 90 webcartoonists and every cartoonist have submitted a recipe in comic form. The book will be on sale from the end of November... but you can already pre-order it for only $20! The proceeds from the project go to Canadian and American National Food Banks to help feed those in need. So all... help them out, get a printed version of a Mojo and give me some more stimulance to finish my submission :P And speaking of which, would you be interested in getting a (signed) printed version (or even original) of a Mojo comic - for a small fee. I'm thinking about it. Since I draw my comics the traditional way and then finish them up on the computer... I could offer the original (without colors, but hand-drawn and signed), the colored version (signed and on real nice solid paper) OR even both (the whole package!) So guys. Let me know if you are interested and I'll work it out in my redesign.

3 thoughts on “Relax

  1. Hey Skar!

    Actually, the cookbook you can Pre-order until the end of November. After that the price will increase. So, Pre-order now and get it by the Holiday season!

  2. I don’t get this strip…

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