First of all I want to wish you all the best for this new year! I think I can speak of all the Mojo crew and thank you for checking up on the comic for the last year, coming back every Monday and Thursdays and posting all the comments. That all really means a lot to me and it's awesome to see people enjoy the comic just as much as I do! So thanks for all that, guys. Without all of you visiting, it would have been so much harder to keep updating the comic this first year. First year? Yeah, it's already a year since I've posted the first comic. Exactly to this date. On January 3rd 2010 I posted the first Mojo and that was the start of this adventure. And I'm still loving it. I can only hope you guys will stay with Mojo for this year and all don't be shy to spread the word. Tell friends, family, colleagues, just random people on the street, who-ever about Mojo and make our community grow! And don't forget you can still help me out with the guest strips! If you want more information, check out the posts below about it. But to summorize: I'm getting a baby (well, my wife is) and I want to keep the regular schedule going. So if you want, please create a guest strip and give me some more time to spend with my upcoming child :D

2 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Happy Birthday! a year is a huge landmark for any comic.(most don’t last 3 months.)
    Here’s to several more years and many more laughs!

  2. Thanks mate. I’m glad I made it this first year. I’m usual a person who loses interest in something pretty fast (the 3 months also apply to me). But this has always been my dream job, being a comic author. So that’s probably why I could keep it going 🙂

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