Never played a roleplay game myself. Still want to try Dungeons & Dragons some day... but don't know anyone who plays it, and I guess it's too hardcore for me. I just want to go on an adventure, not building and developing my character. Heard about a game called Descent recently, that sounded nice. Just doing quests in a dungeon and it's all about having the adventure, not deep and hardcore roleplaying. But we'll see about that. There is still time left to create a guest strip, people! The baby being born is getting near and I can still use guest strips! They would give me so much more time to spend with my child. You don't want my future child to be without a dad, would you? So grab a pen and paper and create something for me! Thanks in advance!

3 thoughts on “Roleplaying

  1. Most intense game of D&D ever!

  2. YEAH! Marvs Dress is fantasic!^^

    Hi, found you while random clicken at inkOutbrake.
    Love your comics and chars, and added them to my blogroll 🙂


    1. I’m glad to have you on board, mate. Welcome. And it’s good to see you’ve worked your way through the archives.
      And InkOutbrake is an awesome way to discover new comics for sure!

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