Just to pat myself on the shoulder, but I really love the way I drew this comic. Ben is way less complex and I had way more fun drawing him (and the whole comic). Just draw and less thinking. Loved it. And also gives me a little more space / rest to experiment with different ways of drawing. So they'll probably keep on evolving and changing :D

3 thoughts on “Scary

  1. Dude, they never looked better! They are nice and expressive, and I think they really match now. Keep it going.

  2. LMAO This one made me literally LOL it SOOOO true to life! Can’t tell u how many times I’ve been told the same thing & make that same face in reply!! LOVE IT!!

    1. Hahahaha, thanks Judy. Glad you enjoyed it. And I’m a little afraid of how true to your life this one was… hope you don’t walk around all day with a huge grin on your face?

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