6 thoughts on “Science

  1. If only that were true, maybe people would learn to actually type URL’s into their browser window… MAYBE.

  2. I have tried that. No explosions or mass hysteria, unfortunately.
    Loving how you used color here… I know you’ve been playing around, but I think you found your nitch!

  3. Try using the loose color on the background stuff and keeping the tight color on the foreground characters. See how that looks.

  4. Someone seen THAT episode of the IT Crowd perchance? 🙂

  5. I find it weird that the Google company itself would send me an email that Gmail blocks for my safety and considers to be spam. It’s a strange world I live in.

  6. @Alex: LOL. I saw all the IT Crowd episodes. But totally forgot about this one. Had to Google it to find out what you were referring to (and then I remembered).
    Yeah… that was an awesome joke.
    For the rest, you can check it here:

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