Behold! The new Ben! After the previous comic I received some feedback about the looks of Ben and it just made me see that I was heading totally in the wrong direction with him. So last night I spend a couple of hours trying to redefine his looks, making it more fit the rest of the characters... and make him to feel more fun to draw. And I think I found a way... or at least a starting point. Knowing myself, he will probably be redefined and evolve every time I draw him. But again... let me know what you guys think. Love to hear your thoughts about him... or about whatever is on your mind ^^

12 thoughts on “Setback

  1. Like how the looks of characters evolve over time and I like what you said about allowing them to continue to evolve. Nice!

    1. Guess that’s part of creating a webcomic and learning to create a webcomic at the same time ^^
      You always want to make the characters feel the same, but I noticed I just need to experiment and make room for evolving them slowly (and sometimes quicker)

  2. I really dig your art style, but more importantly, I dig the way you are willing to experiment and hone in on the look you want. Yes, I do carry a shovel wherever I go. Dig dig dig.

    1. I’m glad you dig a lot and glad you dig my art style ^^

  3. Very nice! I like the new look!

    1. Thanks mate. I’m really pleased with how Ben turned out myself as well. Really fits the other characters better and I had more fun drawing him too.

  4. I think the new look for Ben works pretty well 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jerry. Glad you like it, especially since he will be showing up more in the future 😀

  5. I really like his new and improved look. I agree that he now better fits in with the rest again. Great job Skar, just keep on doing your thing, experiment away 🙂

    1. I don’t think I can stop experimenting, but thanks for the support. It’s always nice to see people welcoming the experimentations instead of being repelled by it.

  6. I think he looks really, really good! He goes a lot better with the other characters now – great job!

    1. Thank you, Christen. I’m also very very happy with how he is now. Really like drawing him and he really fits good with the rest of the cast again.

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