Shape Shifter

Don't forget, there is still time to surprise me with a guest strip. It would help me so much! The due date for the baby is nearing... aprox 6 weeks now. And I really have no clue how much time I have when the baby is there, to keep Mojo up to date. Of course I'll do my best to maintain the regular schedule, but to help this dad-to-be out... you can create a guest strip.

6 thoughts on “Shape Shifter

  1. This just goes to prove my point…squirrels are evil!

    1. Ooooor…. Ben made the squirrel evil 😛

  2. I love drawing the “annoyed eyes” don’t you? #YAYsquirrels

  3. I think anything around Ben too long has the ability to become eeeeevvvvviiiiiillllll……. 🙂

    This is great. We had a guy back in the mid 80’s when I would dabble in D&D from time to time that would go on huge tangents like this…well not like this specifically but you get the the point. So super funny job.

  4. @Dawn: True that! I just love those annoyed eyes. One single line can have so much emotions in it 🙂

    @Tmcelmurry: While drawing this comic, I could just see Ben being over-enthousiastic… rambling all these combinations… and (in the end) being completely lost in his own mind 😀

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