Snow Fever

First try of drawing completely digitally. I love the freedom it gives me, but I miss the feeling of drawing with a brush on real paper. Will have to try it more to know what I really want.

3 thoughts on “Snow Fever

  1. Ik moet zeggen dat het me niet direct opviel dat je het digitaal gedaan had, maar wel dat er iets anders was. Het is net of je nu niet zo gedetalleerd kan tekenen. Net een beetje losser, misschien wel rommeliger. Wil je zelf zo verder gaan? Scheeld het veel tijd? Heb je zo meer mogelijkheden?
    Tot volgende week!

  2. Drawing digitally has a lot benefits. It’s way quicker than on paper. I can sketch, move, turn, flip and everything much more easier. I don’t see where it’s more messier and I don’t got the feeling this weeks comic lacks details… or is less detailed than last weeks.
    I want to see how it evolves, but thinking about adjusting and reshaping my workflow so I know how to draw digitally. Now it had some more trial-and-error in it. Especially the size of the original drawings…

    But I’ll explain more into depth when you are here next week…

  3. you should not draw digitally, get away from the computer, makes you feel aliiiiivveeee 😀 (borrowed from mojo #3)

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