Social Acceptance

The funny thing is that the statement above can already be made. If you see someone talking into a phone, it's just very normal. It's almost more strange if you see someone without a phone. But the moment they are going handsfree, it starts to look stupid. They just start to talk into themselves. And you can't know anymore if they are talking handsfree or are just insane and you need to call the Mental Hospital. So while thinking how it would look like, I came up with the comic above ;) For this comic I had some minor help by my friend Jeff Couturier. I needed some English grammer assistance and he replied very quickly on Twitter. So thanks, mate!

3 thoughts on “Social Acceptance

  1. I never get used to those people using a headset, having a conversation with the air. Although I’ve seen some wild eyed guys downtown doing the same thing, earpiece optional…

  2. That time is probably closer than we realise.

  3. Ha! Too true! Especially in London, it’s really hard to tell if someone is on the phone or simply talking to themselves. 🙂

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