Sock Puppets

W0000t! It's number 60 already. Time flies... and to celebrate this anniversary, I've done the comic in color. Nah, that's not the reason. I wanted to do the comic in color for a long time, but never dared to do it. Especially because that would mean, I had to choose what color Mojo is. I think he's brown-ish with a little orange influences. But coloring the comic was more work than expected, but the whole proces (sketching, inking, fixing up on the computer and then coloring) was heaps of fun. I really don't understand why I sometimes prefer to play games instead of drawing. I'm still thinking what to do with the colors... it gives Mojo so much more 'feeling'. Maybe I should do a color comic more often... maybe every comic in color from now on? We'll see :)

5 thoughts on “Sock Puppets

  1. Congrats on #60! I love the color! I’d love to see it in color all the time, but I bet it takes alot of time & after awhile it won’t be heaps of fun anymore.

  2. I really like the premise and expression of Mojo when he’s looking at the puppets…BUT…(there’s always a but, right?) I get totally lost with the silouette (sp?) of the tree and characters. I suppose its means the sun has gone down and they sat there without any jokes but the I just dont think that last panel is powerful enough.

    If you intention is to show us night time…maybe push the sky a darker hue and add some stars. I would also love to see some seperation between the characters and the tree…

    I dig the color of the strip but also really dig your grey tones or black and white of other strips–I think both could be effective 😉

  3. Good Job with the color. Looks good. Maybe try one a month. Got a chuckle out of the gag too.

  4. Love your work. I’m happy to follow you. ~^..^~

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