Sore Finger

16 thoughts on “Sore Finger

  1. That’s a good one, Skar 🙂

    1. Thanks mate. The game just had too much agreements in my opinion. It felt like I just kept on accepting a new one. Guess they were only 3-4 agreements, but ok… it was way too many!

  2. He really should read those through! 😀

    1. Sure, like you do too? Hahaha. I usually just quickly scroll down to the accept-button and I’m away. Never read any of them. Ever. It’s just waiting for a game developer who puts in their agreement that you need to give them money or something… that would suck ^^

  3. Ah, those EULA’s are better finger workouts than Mortal Kombat.

    1. Yeah… although I must confess, it was more scrolling than clicking… but ok. EULA’s in general just suck ^^

  4. Nice visuals, especially in the 2/3 panels. Although, I really think you should draw his nose looser like in the Mojo banner…I’ve been thinking about this since you changed it.

    1. Thanks mate. And I have no doubt Ben’s looks will evolve in time. Maybe his nose will get more loose… maybe not. We’ll see 🙂
      I like how he’s drawn now. Really matches the overall comic look so much better. Especially when you compare this look with how I experimented with him a month ago.

  5. lol. I thought he was trying to log on during release night. 😀

    1. Mmmm… that could also have been a great one ^^

  6. heehee. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your laughter, appreciate hearing it ^^

  7. Man! I just signed up for Netflix and turned on my PS3 for the first time in a year. So many user agreements, upgrades, new passwords. Gawd! Just let me be digitally entertained!

    1. Yeah… the freedom we get from all the options, suddenly becomes less free with all the agreements and stuff. Where are the times where we could just roam freely on the interwebs 😛

  8. Oh, well done! No one even reads them cause they’re so frustrating when you just want to play, erm.. I mean… when You just want to get to work! Yeah.

    1. Never thought of that… but maybe the game developers are payed by the big companies to scare people away from the game… but having to read and accept big EULA’s 🙂

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