(Warning, this comic contains some spoilers!) Since last week I've been hooked on Game of Thrones. It's such an amazing tv show, I just can't believe it actually exists! I tried to watch it together with my wife, but she didn't like it. So I now have to watch it alone. Even ordered the first book of the series (the tv show is based on a series of books) and started reading that as well. The show has so much quality. It feels just like the quality and depth Band of Brothers had. And it's also a really M-rated show, lots of nudity, sex, blood and gore. But all for the greater good and all with a purpose. Not only to shock you. It all fits in the story, which is awesome by the way. The story is so good. I'm currently on episode 8 and really can't wait for the second season to get aired. Have you guys seen it already? Note about the comic: it took me a (LONG) while until I ended with this comic. Thought about doing a Game of Thrones comic all day, but couldn't get it all right. So I sketched out a couple of other ideas, but no one had the right feeling. So eventually just drew out this one and here it is :D

8 thoughts on “Spoilers

  1. Watching it and liking it…only have 4 more episodes to go, but I read your strip anyway. Have to disagree though, episode 3 was a little too explicit with Daenerys and Drogo.

    1. I so much enjoy Game of Thrones, it’s almost insane!

      But what was explicit with Daenerys and Drogo? I have really no idea what you are referring to :S

  2. My wife won’t watch that or the Borgias so finding time to catch up on both is hard.

    1. Good luck on finding time, mate. I also have ‘trouble’ finding time, when I also need to create Mojo comic and want to do more illustrated work on the side.

  3. I have a friend exactly like this, he can’t bear to hear ANYTHING about a movie he hasn’t seen. Even movies based on concepts he’s familiar with will make him squirm if you start discussing it in front of him. “Don’t tell me Captain America is Steve Rogers!Lalalala!!!” But the worst culprits are those people sitting next to you in the theatre who say: “Oh, here it comes! Watch this!” Those people ruin the experience during the experience! Lol. Great strip!

    1. OMG. That would be awful, having such a person sitting next to you in the theater.

      Mmm. Come to think of it. I’m that kind of person, but only when I’m watching something together with my wife. I’ve watched so many tv series, I can often almost ‘predict’ what will happen. So I say that out loud. And she doesn’t really appreciate it.

      The worst is… when we watch old Friends episodes. I’ve seen them about 1000 times, so I can often just mumble the dialogs with them. And my wife doesn’t really enjoy it that much when I do that 😛

      I would be proud that my husband knows that much dialogs… but she isn’t 😀

  4. I’ve never heard of it here in Tasmania but I got a good laugh outta this one anyway.

  5. GASP – you gave Merv fingers!!!!!!

    Hi, I found this comic via Edmund Finney’s Quest and I love it! I’ve been going through the archives and this is where I’m up to right now. nice work!

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