Same Shit Different Day

You see it right, this comic has no colors. And it's not because I had no time or that I'm lazy. I just really love the look of black-and-white comics. There are some really awesome out there (Calvin & Hobbes,ย Misery Loves Shermanย and The Normย for instance). I can only dream that some day I will be half as good as those guys. But I just want to experiment some more sometimes. So that's why todays comic is in black-and-white, guys. On another note... Mojo has been chosen to be the Pick of the Week on this weeks Comic Coast to Coast podcastย (around the 44:00 mark). Go and listen to it. And while you at it, listen to the whole podcast. It's worth it!

13 thoughts on “Same Shit Different Day

  1. I really don’t comment on comics often but I just had to this time. Skar, you absolutely killed it with this strip. This is the simplest thing in the world and yet, I am incredibly jealous of you for making it. I don’t know if you sell prints of your comics ( I probably couldn’t afford an original right now.) but if you do, I’d love to have this strip in my studio.

    1. Ryan,

      Thank you much for your kind words. And the fact that you want a print of this, means so much to me. You really have no idea. Or maybe you do, because you know how it is to be a cartoonist ๐Ÿ™‚
      Every time I look at my own drawings, I only see the mistakes or the things where it could have been better. And the fact that guys like you enjoy my work so much that they even want to buy it… that means all to me! That gives me so much confidence and enjoyment.
      So I will make sure we can handle this print as soon as possible.

  2. Excellent work! I personally think your strip is perfectly suited for black-and-white, and this one is the proof. The third and fourth “panels” are so simple but effective. I’d say absolutely keep going with it.

    And as for experimenting, I know what you mean. My webcomic has always been stop-and-start, but I always was trying to emulate guys like Penny Arcade or PvP. Then it occurred to me that ALL the strips I’d always gravitated towards were b&w, drawn traditionally. Calvin, Bloom County, and even Get Fuzzy. So now I’m totally reworking how I’m doing things and I think it’s going to be way more satisfying.

    1. Andrew,

      Thank you so much for your compliments! I hope I can make the black-and-white working. I will give it another try and we’ll see how it will all turn out.
      The one thing I’ve learned in the last 1,5 year is to not stop, but keep your schedule going. And I also try to pick good things from other (web)comics, but only based on style… or sometimes I just need some confirmation that a joke is actually good enough. For instance, this comic. The writing took me not long, because I decided to not over-think it all… but just go with my initial idea. Often I have an idea and start to think think think think and change change change everything. Often it turns out good. But this one is an example that it sometimes the best to stick with your first idea.

  3. The strip looks great in b&w and the joke is hilarious! Bravo!

    1. Thanks Denver ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Good work, and congrats on the COmics Coast To Coast Pick of the Week. Way to go.

    1. Thanks mate. And you know how it makes you feel, when you are the Pick of the Week – don’t ya? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I think you nailed it in this one, Skar. It just flows and that last panel is the icing on the cake. Looks good in b&w too. Congrats on your Pick of the Week, you deserve it!

    1. Thanks mate. It’s nice to get such compliments ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ha Ha This one is great. It reminds me of many kids today

  7. You know what’s funny ?
    Your comic always reminded me of Calvin & Hobbes ! ^_^

    1. Thank you. That is a huge compliment! C&H is the best comic best ever created. Period!

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