I always underestimate how much work it costs to create the comic. Sometimes I'm done in 3-4 hours. But this one took more time to draw. And the colored version will be uploaded when finished. [update] And I've added the color (during my lunchbreak at my work - that's how dedicated I am :D)

5 thoughts on “Stalked

  1. Great stuff. Found you via Dawn’s site.

    1. Welcome, Bearman 😀

  2. Just like Bearman (who has a great site as well) I found you via Dawns Guest Art. I’m gonna dig thru the archives, but from what I found today, this looks to be a really funny site.

    I read earlier this week that the Pron industry is looking to try to find ways to use the Kinect, so it will go from the “Auto-Follow-Mode” freaking Mojo out, to the Kinect being Mojo’s stalker. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see more of this webcomic. Keep up the good work.

  3. @tmcellmurry thanks for your kind words. Really appreciate them! And glad to have you on board.

    And LOL at the PORN-mentioning… that would be Mojo’s worst nightmare 😛

    I’ll do my best to make this the funniest site EVAH 😀

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