Story Twist

I think I want to go back writing more blog posts. Still looking to find some time to tweak the site on so many levels. I do have gathered some other (comic) sites that inspired me. What do you guys miss on the site? What do you think this site needs? You know what. I will (finally) put up a survey soon, so I can ask you some questions about the site, the comic and more. Hope you are all willing to participate.

9 thoughts on “Story Twist

  1. Oh dear…

  2. This book has a great plot twist!

    1. lol! Nice one.

    2. Aaargh… damn you English language! That’s the title I was looking for… not ‘story twist’ 😛

  3. The phrase “what possibly could go wrong” ALWAYS invites trouble!

    1. Whenever you hear that phrase somewhere (in a movie or tv-series), you can almost be certain trouble is just around the corner 🙂

  4. Wow. I’m really surprised by that last panel. Can’t wait to see where this is going on Thursday.

    1. Well, lucky for you I’m updating twice a week… so the next episode is already published! ^^

      1. Oh. This was LAST Thursdays comic. Silly me.

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