Btw... I think Mojo has just lost the game :P Ben is not the only one with some stress. On my end the stress is starting as well. I'm getting married in less than 3 weeks! And we only have about 10-11 weeks until our baby is due (the end of February). And lots to prepare. The wedding as all set, but the baby needs some more preparations. Come back tomorrow, to read a post where I request guest strips (again) - for the period after the baby is born. On another note: I'm in the process of switching hosting for the site, so I hope to have it all up and running before they hit the switch :S

7 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Don’t stress…you buy next years gifts at this year’s after xmas sale.

    1. Don’t know if Ben is stressy for the gifts, but think he’s more the kind who worries about the decorations and such 😀

      I’m not really stressed (yet). This year the holidays are no worries, because we don’t do anything – it’s our honeymoon 😀

  2. Big fan of the strip! The Holiday season is a time for people to come together…and beat the crap out of each other for the last barbie!

    1. @Tyler Durden: welcome aboard, mate! And yeah… don’t get me wrong, but this year I’m not sad that we don’t really celebrate Christmas in the traditional way 😛

  3. Hey,did you see the jackwagons over at flipandbarrel are showing you some love on their FB page?
    oh yeah,did i mention i’m one of those jack wagons? (you just got my guest strip.)

    1. Yeah. It is an amazing gesture they mentioned Mojo on Flip&Barrels FB page. Will return the favor soon 😀

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