Strong Minds

9 thoughts on “Strong Minds

  1. I love this one! Gave me a much needed laugh today.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, mate.

  2. i quit about five years ago, the patch really helped! I wish I’d been as smart as these guys, it would have taken me less time! Ha!!

    1. Good that you quit, mate! I can’t imagine how hard it is. I’m really addicted to eating candy and try to eat less of it… but it’s so freaking hard!
      If only they had candy-quit-patches 😛

  3. We DO need those stinkin’ patches!

    1. Well mate, I don’t have a problem with those patches 🙂
      Those don’t make me smell bad after visiting a bar 😛

  4. If I were to have a Mojo t-shirt, it would be the second panel from this strip. Love it.

    1. Well mate… that can be arranged. Or maybe I can interest you in a print (or original) of the strip (or second panel)?

  5. This is great! I’ll bet their skin looks the same color when they rip off the hair and feathers when they take off the patches!

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