9 thoughts on “Subtle

  1. Liking the new design

    1. Thanks mate. It’s all still in development, so expect to see more features in the following weeks.

  2. Love the new coloring technique in the comic strip.

    1. Thank you. I’m still trying to find my own style. I really like the ’tilted’ / ‘slightly moved’ colors, but having a hard time finding the right balance.

  3. Attention to detail, I like that. Especially the favicon…

    1. Thanks mate. I made the favicon pretty quick. Think I’ll need to redo it someday… to make it more Mojo. But I’m not that good with pixel-art ^^

  4. Heh, looks liks Mojo is wearing the same kind of glasses as Rainbow Dash does… the ones which attach below the ears. And they look surprisingly good on Mojo. 😀

    I can’t help but feel like I’m missing the joke though. Which characters are they so convinced of looking alike?

    1. It just looks weird if Mojo puts the glasses over his ears. And it’s against my own policy to explain jokes. But to give you a hint… look at the last word Merv says ^^

      1. Doh! Thanks.

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