The Followship

And again... I'm sorry for the lack of colors . I will add them later. Although I do like the look of this comic in black-and-white. I tried to do the coloring quicker, but ended up tweaking a lot of the text last minute. So have no time - again - to finish the colors. Update: Just uploaded the colored version, although I did enjoy the black-and-white version. Maybe I'll do the next comic with just one color or something like that.

11 thoughts on “The Followship

  1. Next time you need a break you should ask for guest colorists instead of guest cartoons. hah

    1. Yeah, maybe I should ask for guest colorists… or guest writers, since the writing part is why I can’t start earlier, so why it’s getting late and why I don’t have time (and energy) for doing the coloring that late 😛

  2. Maybe the rabbit meant that they should follow him on twitter!

    1. Hahaha. That would have been a great joke as well! Should have thought of that ^^

  3. This has a pretty good feel even in black and white. Maybe you should let it go like that?

    1. I see your point… and I’m considering doing the comic back in black-and-white (for time sake), but I also really enjoy the look it has in color.

  4. Really liked the black and white this morning, but the color just makes it pop…or shall I say “Hop”. 🙂

    It’s not often one utters “The movie was so much better than the book” but this is definitely fitting. Can’t wait to see where this adventure takes them. This has been a fun story arc.

    1. Hahaha… the color makes it ‘hop’ 😉
      But I agree about the look of the comic in B/W, also really thought it could go with that.

  5. I love the in comic and black and white but it looks AMAZING in color!

    1. Thanks for your awesome support, mate!

  6. Fun to follow along on this adventure, skar. Love the design of the rabbit, skar!

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