The Shirt

Wow, this comic really took me long to create. Especially the thinking-part. I think I sketched more than 10 pages with ideas and different ways of telling this joke. But eventually decided to make it like this. Would anyone want to see the idea-flow or sketches? Is there anyone who thinks it's interesting and want me to share some of them with you guys? And if so, how would you want to see it? Should I add 1-2 sketches to the comic? Or maybe post them on Flickr? Or what? Tell me, I'm always listening.

3 thoughts on “The Shirt

  1. Well, I think the end of this comic strip is understood since the first panel, so I guess the effect doesn’t really work. (sorry). Also, it’s a classic, so it might be the reason why.
    About the sketches, why not, it’s always interesting to see the thoughts and the choices of an artists before the final product ! But maybe on Flickr or Deviantart it would be better.
    Anyway, always a pleasure to read your comic. I want to see Thursday’s strip now ! 😀

  2. Hey Skar, I would actually like to see your flow…how you get from point A to number 99. I think you should post them on the site here, but in a separate section. Kind of like you did with that sketch of Mojo with the blue pen behind it.

  3. Good idea, CJ. I’m currently working on a redesign and will add a ‘how-it’s-made-page’ as well… with some pictures from the progress. And will think of a way to incorperate sketches and ideas for each comic.

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