Tomato, Tomahto

Todays comic has been inspired by a tweet of my friend and colleague, Mike Witmer from Pinkerton Park. I asked for some keywords to inspire me and he gave me 'edible underpants'. So there you have it ^^ It was a nice experiment, might be doing that more often. So follow my twitter, so you can also join in and suggest keywords when I ask for them ^^ And don't forget to leave a comment, since this month is almost over and you can win a sketch - remember? And and please fill in the survey, if you haven't already. Would help me so much!

16 thoughts on “Tomato, Tomahto

  1. That sounds like a fun way to get inspired. Funny comic!

    1. I had some other ideas already, but thought maybe I can embed something small mentioned by the people on Twitter.
      So Mike Witmer suggested this and it became a whole comic itself ^^

      So I’m really gonna do this more often – a nice experiment and great way to challenge yourself, get off the beaten paths.

  2. Nice word play…

    1. Thanks mate. Something that just popped in my head, right after Mikes tweet. Don’t think I’m the first one who makes this word play – never heard it before, but it’s too obvious ^^

  3. Sometimes just brainstorming a list of words can help the joke process too!

    1. Yeah, really loved how just getting a random words triggered so many other ideas than regular. I really need to do it more often. Did the ‘suggestion drawing’ also tonight on Twitter and had heaps of fun drawing the weird suggestions people dropped ^^

      1. Suggestion drawing? Are those creations linked somewhere? 🙂 Btw, do you make live feeds of when you’re drawing those sketches? I’d watch that, if the time’s right. 🙂

        1. I’ve posted them here:
          But I’m looking for a way to show them here on the site, so everybody can see my suggestion drawings and sketches and such.

          And will do a live feed some day soon. Have to get me a decent webcam first 😛

  4. Hahah! Made me laugh. Really cute.

    1. It’s always nice to hear that people enjoy the comic. Thanks for sharing, Jande

  5. This is just awesome. I’m going to have to get me a pair of those, well prior to Mojo cutting them up that is. 🙂

    1. Well… send your address to skar[at]mojocomic[dot]com and maybe Mojo can send you a personalized pair of these underwear ^^

  6. I usually use bleach and strong detergent to edit the inside of my underwear!

    1. But with bleach all the nice colors and drawings will be erased! But I guess you then just aren’t happy with how the ‘drawings’ turned out? 😛

  7. First panel is very cute. Mojo totally engrossed in drawing stick figures.

    And in panel 4, Merv’s face when… xD

    Gwad, now I have to stop thinking about – how gross – eating underwear… the internet, such a dangerous place.

    1. Hahaha. Thanks mate, glad you enjoy it. Also loved this one myself. And the cranky look on Mervs face… cracks me up every single time ^^

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