Ultimate Preparations

Yep. It's only one more day until Black Ops 2 is released. The game we've all be waiting for. Last night there was a huge Black Ops 2 event in the UK. Really was fun to watch. But besides that, there are a lot game-play movies to be found on Youtube already. So if you wanna do what Mojo is doing, you could do that ^^

8 thoughts on “Ultimate Preparations

  1. Oh man. That feels awefully familiar.

    Also, sleeping Mojo is cute. 😀

    1. Hahahaha. A lot of the things Mojo experiences, comes from my own experiences… so this feels very familiar for me as well ^^

  2. Heheh sleep tight, Mojo. And have fun with Black Ops 2 😉

    1. Ghehehehe… he’s enjoying it in his dreams, for sure ^^

  3. When I start playing a video game in my dreams, that’s when I know I’ve been playing too much. Has happened to me lots of times! 😐

    1. Often after playing games for too long – I see flashes of the game in front of me when I close my eyes in bed ^^

  4. I love the expressions in this one. You’re very good at that.

    1. Thanks Jared, I always love it when the expressions work ^^

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