4 thoughts on “Unbound

  1. Oh, the days before cell phones. They were actually rather liberating. I went on vacation for a week once and my phone stayed off the ENTIRE time. It was suprisingly relaxing to have feel like I had to look at my phone every 10 minutes.

    1. Life was so simple then. I agree. Sometimes I wonder if I should last without my phone for a week … even a day would be a challenge for me. I’m using that damn thing so much :S

  2. Two things…I love the silhouetted Ben in the last panel, very silly and loose. Second I too was without my cell this past May when I went on the Disney Cruise…it’s funny how you don’t miss it, but when you’re back on shore, it’s business as usual.

    1. Sometimes – especially when you are having a great time with your family (during vacations and such) – you don’t miss your phone at all. But when going back to the usual stuff (the daily commute and your work), you fall back into checking your phone regularly… very annoying when I think about it :S

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