Pretty happy about how this comic turned out. First it was just a goofy idea, but eventually I really had fun creating it (hope it shows). And the next time I'll draw the whole comic, I promise! But now I'm off to play Tomb Raider ^^ (and sorry I broke the 4th wall again, but really love doing that. I'll try not to do it too often).

6 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Clever idea. Nicely done. You have to think about the joke. Which I love. It’s good to make the reader think.


    1. Well, to be honest… it wasn’t even my intention to make the reader think. I just wanted to play TombRaider 😛

  2. Sometimes it’s tough to maintain a comic and still do other things. I feel guilty sitting and watching a show on TV!

    1. I have the same feeling of guilt often. I only work twice a week on my comics and often on my off-days, I don’t draw and prefer to play video games. And afterwards I feel guilty and wished I worked on improving my comic skills.

  3. You nailed it, I have fallen into this situation many times

    1. Well, luckily my comic is top of my priorities. So if I have to choose between creating my comic or playing a game, I know I have to create the comic first. But this time I just rushed it, because I wanted to play TombRaider ^^

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