I really enjoy the black and white look, so I will probably stick with it for a while - until I get bored of it again. But the last comic I missed something. So now I tried to add some screentones, just to give it a little more 'something'. Let me know what you think :)

8 thoughts on “Useless

  1. Huge fan of the classic halftone style coloring.

    1. Me too! So that’s why I’m doing it 😉
      And really wanna master it, before going back to colors – if I will ever do that 😛

  2. Very nice. I’m feel for Mojo on this one.

    1. Finally, someone who Mojo can talk to 🙂

  3. likin’ the halftone dot shading… but of course I’m biased, I use it too.

    1. I know at some point you also switched. From solid grey tones to halftone dot shading / screentones. And I like how you’ve implemented them in your comic. I will experiment some more with it – but I also really like it a lot. Really fits the comic, if I can say that myself 😛

  4. Tonin’ up your strips is a good thing. Having no color makes your delightful line work easier to see!

    1. Aaaw… you are too kind, sir 😀

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