Wasn’t me

10 thoughts on “Wasn’t me

  1. HA HA. This one actually had me laugh out loud for real. Not one of those fake LOL.

    1. Awesome! It’s so nice to hear Mojo made people laugh… and when it’s a honest, sincere laughter… that’s even more awesome than just plain awesome ^^

  2. Haha! Love how the green cloud is fogging out the distant hasmat guy!!!

    1. Thanks. I really had fun playing with the colors… and thought it was a nice touch to have the distant guy fogged out ^^

  3. While I am still somewhat repulsed by the visualization of the fart (in clearly visible green..), I think the layout is swell. Good job. 🙂

    1. Thanks mate. And yeah… Mojo’s farts are just nasty – so that’s how it looks ^^

  4. I don’t think cats can produce such a smell. I agree with Bearman…

    1. Oh hell yeah, cats certainly can produce such a smell… my own cats sometimes smell horrible. Blergh

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