Who Is Who

Just had some fun playing with the colors. Also had an alternative version... but not sure which one to pick. Check that other version below:

  And a huge thanks goes out to Brian Huisman¬†for helping me with the grammar and texts again. He's really awesome. Not only checks the grammar, but also helps me rewrite some sentences to make them work better. Thank you so much, Brian. Really appreciate your help a lot!

6 thoughts on “Who Is Who

  1. I really like the second uncolored character version. I reminds me of some carttons from maybe the ’70s.

    1. I also really liked the look-and-feel of it… but it just didn’t really worked for me somehow. So probably need to play some more with that.

  2. Glad you chose this version. In the alternative I find the colored background distracting.

    1. Haha. Now the score is 1-1. I really liked the alternative version, but somehow there was something missing. And guess you also have a valid point, that the background-colors only were distracting.

  3. I like the posted version. I love the soft tones and loose coloring. It really works well with your art and gels this comic like never before! I think you’re really on to something here!

    1. Thanks, Denver. I’ve been playing with it a little further. The hard part is… I also like the loose coloring, but it’s hard to find balance between ‘looks nice’ and ‘looks rushed’ ^^

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